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He's gonna kick so much ass in part two can't wait to see this flick. super excited john wick: chapter 2 2017 online full movie this movie is fkin awesome. But this trailer, come on dude... what a piece of sht John+Wick:+Chapter+two weeks john wick shirt john wick chapter two trailer


funko pop john wick chase Watched the movie! Can't wait for chapter 3 https://issuu.com/ivserdike/docs/on_mobile_usenet_the_king_s_case_no. online John! Wick:, Chapter? Two, Full, Movie One of the best parts of the film is how nonchalant it was when he kills the guy he's been going after the whole film. Kind spits in the face of action movies. It's great I loved this movie ALMOST as much as the first one and It was great seeing Laurence Fishburne back with Keanu which made me think imagine if MONICA BELLUCCI played the part of Gianna D'Antonio she would have been more than perfect for that role and I wonder if she was asked.....

john wick chapter two (2017)


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john wick: chapter two 2017


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It more like chapter Hunter & Hunted from game Hitman absolution.

6:10 i like it how they just start fighting and the people in the background are just sitting there watching the fight and not calling 911.

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Thanos is like you should go for the head And john wick is like ya no problem






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